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the soul of 

the banya

We call it the "Soul Banya" because not only does the healing steam purify the physical body, but this is a full being experience where body, mind and soul are nourished on many levels promoting an exhilarating recharge of health and wellbeing. The "Soul Banya" is a cleansing experience bridging different forms of healing techniques together that take you on a spiritual journey though your senses.


All five of your senses will be at play: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch and Taste will be thoroughly activated through this unique experience. Within each ceremony, grounded within our roots, we invoke the ancient traditions of the Russian Banya bathing rituals. The rhythm of this sacred ceremony of bathing is a passage of cleansing your entire wholehearted being. "Soul Banya" is a celebration of honoring our bodies, minds and spirits in congruency with each other.  

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